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oddpop is a yearly festival initiated by Ray Moon in 2001, which I continued organising since. A render-vous of extravaganza, outcasts and yet to discover brilliant artists that move on the border of pop music and beyond in a setting that honours the music.

Accompanied by Harry Merry, Candie Hank, Mark Boombastic, Dr. Bibber, Los Dancing Queens, Fucking Basterds, Felix Kubin, Costes, Thuth, Titmachine, Meeuw, Harry Hummer, People Like Us, Dick el Dematio (IBW), Kannia Tiefer, Vermin Twins, Quiet Stars, Jack the Rapper, Puyo Puyo, Wilhelm von Trippenhofen, Chris Imler and many others.

The CD from 2004 is sold out but you can find a copy here

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