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Kim Laugs is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural coordinator that likes creating objects and installations within the field of sound and its acoustic relation to space, light and design with a curiosity towards sustainable materials. 

1997-2002 - BA Autonomous Arts at KABK Maastricht 

2006-2008 - MA Artscience at ABK Den Haag 



2000 - 2008 > B92/ B32 Artspace Maastricht. Initiator and curation.

2001 - 2021 > ODDPOP annual festival for strange pop music. various locations. curation

2001 - 2008 > AUDIOSCOOP at Intro in Situ. Concert serie. Initiator and curation

2006 - 2008 > TIK TAK at White Space Casuariestraat Den Haag. Initiator ans curation

2009 - 2011 > RAUM18 Neukölln Berlin - club/venue. Host and curation

2011 - 2012 > RAUM20 Neukölln Berlin - club/venue. Initiator and curation

2015 - 2016 > COLORADO Greenhouse Berlin. Initiator and curation

2017 MOABIZA Z/KU Berlin Initiator and curation

2021- MUFO Brussels mushrooms & mycelium. coordinator 


2006 - 2008 > REC/PLAY - kabk impro group

2006 - 2009 > Feedbacksociety - noise performance collective

2004 - 2005 > Mekanorganic - Militia side project

2012 Zazi Faki electronic music trio

2021> now > Fata Organa - atmospheric gabba


2000 - now > Laugs Bouwmeesters

2006 - now > La domaine du Cortils

2009 - 2016 > Refunc Berlin

2017 - now > Rotor [DC]



Born on the warmest day of the 20th century in the quaint village of Hermalle sous Argenteaux, I spent my formative years in the picturesque de Voerstreek, nestled on the crossroads of the Netherlands' southernmost edge and Belgium's eastern border. Amidst this idyllic backdrop, I delighted in fossil hunts, forest expeditions, and the construction of tree forts.

Transitioning into adolescence, I embarked on an educational journey that spanned several border schools in Belgium. Eventually, I found myself in Maastricht, where I pursued studies at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten. My time in Maastricht intertwined with the vibrant squat scene, affording me the opportunity to establish gallery spaces—B92 and B32—while curating a spectrum of events, including the distinct oddpop series at Lostheater and the captivating Audioscoop at Intro in Situ.

In 2006, my quest for deeper understanding led me to The Hague, where I delved into a master's program in Artscience. This pivotal chapter allowed me to explore the intricate interplay between art, science, and sound. During my tenure, I co-founded Feedbacksociety and initiated the innovative 'Tik-Tak' series within the white space, collaborating with fellow students.

A pivotal juncture arrived as I ventured to Berlin, a spontaneous move that extended into a decade-long chapter enriched by a sabbatical year dedicated to the Globalscape art project. Settling in the then-overlooked Neukölln in 2008, I co-established RAUM18 with neighbors who also birthed Loophole—an alternative music and event haven—under our shared roof, inevitably drawing me into its magnetic orbit.

Two years later, RAUM20 emerged as a more intimate iteration of RAUM18. Its pulse thrived while I embarked on global travels, immersing myself in the Globalscape endeavor for a year.

Returning to Berlin, I orchestrated event series at the Greenhouse and Z/KU, adding layers to my diverse journey.

The year 2017 marked a new trajectory, as I transplanted to Brussels, where I continue to reside. My involvement in my family's diverse businesses remains steady, juxtaposed with my unceasing dedication to the realms of art and music.

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